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How to use the Catering Starter Site for your bakery business

July 5, 2023

Managed WordPress Hosting Starter Sites are here to help you build your own website quickly and easily. We created these website templates for you using demo imagery and content, which you can easily replace on your own. Using one of our Starter Sites means creating a website is now much quicker, and you have everything you need to get online from the get-go. 

With the Catering Starter Site, white space and high-quality images evoke a delicious meal for the senses, making it perfect for restauranteurs, chefs, bakers, catering companies and food bloggers.

In this article, we’ll take you through why we think it’s the ideal foundation for bakery businesses, one of the most popular types of business models for entrepreneurs and new business owners. (Bakery businesses are so popular, in fact, that the South African government invested  $1 million in owner-managed micro, home-based and co-operative bakeries to accelerate growth.)

Why Catering is perfect for bakers

As with any food services business, your website is there to showcase your creations in the best possible light and help you differentiate yourself from your competitors. For bakeries, your website is your golden opportunity to capture the imagination of potential customers who have yet to sample your products. Many business owners might not have much experience in website design, so using a Starter Site that takes care of the design work is ideal. 

Clean layout that focuses on food

The Catering home page is minimalist, with plenty of white space to highlight the clean layout and the bright high-quality food photography. It’s a professional design that adds legitimacy to your business and captures the eye of visitors.

Feature images enlarge when hovered over, so potential customers can take in the details that make your creations unique. You’ll see it’s all about showcasing your food and creating a great first impression. 

Information is easy-to-find

Strategically placed call-to-action buttons help your customers navigate and take action. You can use them to encourage visitors to contact you, request a quote, or view your menu. 

Other existing pages that are important for bakery businesses are the About and Service pages, which allow you to introduce yourself to customers and share what’s offered on your menu. For those unfamiliar with website design, simply use the menu template to drop in your own content and prices. It couldn’t be easier. 

Customers can get to know you quickly

For bakers, word-of-mouth and recommendations are key for generating new business, which is why your social media buttons are clearly visible lower down the page, and on every page, encouraging visitors to check out your other platforms and join your community. Your contact details are also clearly visible.  

Create professional content quickly

Navigate to the Blog menu item on the top of the page and you’ll see a variety of demo posts that will provide you with handy step-by-step instructions for how to use editing features like headlines, images, cover image, columns, buttons and even steps for creating an image gallery – essential for showcasing your food and custom creations made for satisfied customers. 

Everything you need to create professional pages, content and posts is at hand. Best-of-all, once you’ve mastered the editing basics, you can replace the content on these pages with your own. If you need to catch up on a feature, your WP101 tutorial videos are always available on your dashboard. 

All the features you need are included

All Managed WordPress Hosting Starter Sites have been designed to make creating and managing a WordPress website easy and effortless. Simply choose a theme that’s right for your business, customise the pages with your own content and images, and publish. Even someone that has no knowledge or experience with building a website can create a professional website in minutes. With Managed WordPress Hosting, you also receive a free staging environment that allows you to test new designs, features and plugins first, to make sure your website is 100% ready for the world. 

And once you’re ready to open your online store for orders and deliveries, you can easily convert your existing Starter Site to our e-commerce Starter Site, Athletic. You’ll find the step-by-step instructions here.

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