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MySQL to MariaDB Upgrade

June 5, 2017

We are upgrading our database system by migrating from MySQL 5.5 to MariaDB 10.0, a relational database management system (RDBMS) that provides all the functionality of MySQL 5.6, and more.

This migration will improve long-term compatibility with various Content Management Systems such as WordPress, and includes benefits for our customers by offering added features and performance improvements over Oracle’s MySQL.

MariaDB is the community-developed fork of MySQL and, due to its high-compatibility, is a drop-in replacement. This means that the migration will be seamless and your database will continue to run as normal – and you may see an increase in performance.

Why we are moving to MariaDB?

Better Security and More Features

MariaDB follows industry standards and best-practices by releasing security announcements and upgrades at the same time. This ensures that upgrades and security fixes are in-sync. MariaDB also incorporates more features than MySQL and has quicker release cycles.

Better Performance

MariaDB’s database engines are an improvement over MySQLs which results in better benchmarked performances, which we have confirmed in our own user testing.

Already Popular

MariaDB already boasts an impressive user base, including Wikipedia, Google and MariaDB is also included as the default RDBMS for most major Linux Distributions, including Red Hat 7 and Debian 8.8

MariaDB is a True open-source Project

MariaDB was originally forked from MySQL after the latter was acquired by Oracle, and is committed to remaining open source. Such global collaboration ensures that security and development is open and vibrant.