Top 8 courses and webinars for entrepreneurs

May 13, 2021

For entrepreneurs, the internet is a one-stop-shop for insight and advice. Anyone can publish information online – which is both an opportunity, and overwhelming. It can be difficult to find the best, most reliable resources.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top eight courses and webinars for South African entrepreneurs.

Courses vs webinars 

In our fast-paced world, entrepreneurs need to find ways to meet their customers’ needs continuously. They also need to identify lucrative opportunities. Trying to find time to study can be tricky – thankfully, online courses provide a way to study at any time and from any location. 

Webinars typically run on a stricter schedule, although many of them are recorded so you can watch them later. Live webinars have an advantage over online courses, as they often feature real-time information and you can ask questions that may be answered while you watch. With that being said, online courses often go into more detail. 

There are advantages to both resources, it just depends on your specific needs. Here are a few of our favourites.

Top 8 courses and webinars for entrepreneurs 

Luckily, there are courses and webinars to suit all budgets. We’ve included some free and some paid classes. Free courses provide high-quality, valuable information, but paid courses often carry more credibility, particularly if they offer formal accreditation.

1. How to Sell Lots on (Free)

It’s estimated that Takealot generates R700 million in revenue per month. If you want to start selling online, this course will show you how to become a Takealot star. 

2. SEO & Content Strategy Masterclass (R1,497.00)

Over 40% of revenue for most online stores is attributed to organic traffic. If you’re an online store owner, this Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) masterclass will show you how to boost your traffic by optimising your e-commerce content for search engines

3. Business in Africa (Subscription)

Every market poses its challenges and opportunities, and South Africa is no different. In this course, the host of the Unpacking Africa podcast explores what it takes to do business in Africa sustainably. You can access this course with a Heavy Chef platform subscription, which starts at R250 per month (the first month is free!).

4. 5 Steps to Launching Your Online Store (Free) 

South Africa’s e-commerce market is projected to reach over R306 billion in 2021. This course shows you how to join the online shopping revolution in five easy steps. It’s ideal for anyone looking to sell their existing products online, or entrepreneurs eager to launch a new e-commerce business.

5. Drop Shipping – How to get it right in South Africa (R3,999.00)

Drop shipping is a retail fulfilment method where you sell a product, and then pass the sales order to a third-party supplier. If you want to launch a retail business but don’t have the space to store inventory, drop shipping may be the solution. In this course, you’ll learn about the unique challenges and opportunities associated with running a successful drop shipping business in South Africa. 

6. Entrepreneurship To The Point (ETTP) (Free)

Formed under the umbrella of the award-winning Property Point, Entrepreneurship To The Point (ETTP) aims to create economic inclusion through entrepreneurship. ETTP runs regular Zoom webinars and also posts replays to its YouTube channel. It’s a great resource if you’re looking for ongoing and affordable content.

7. Endeavor South Africa (Free)

This non-profit organisation regularly hosts panels with established investors and entrepreneurs. If you’re eager to learn from people who have first-hand experience, Endeavor South Africa has a full schedule of upcoming panels and posts past sessions on its YouTube channel

8. Business Survival Bootcamp (Free)

Starting with a kickoff webinar, this two-week virtual journey hosted by the African Management Institute (AMI) helps South African entrepreneurs overcome the challenges of COVID-19. It features two learning tracks: financial forecasting and cost management, as well as Reboot & Adapt Your Business: Innovation in the ‘New Normal’.

Resources to help you succeed

The internet provides a wealth of expert advice. While courses and webinars are a great way to learn best practices and entrepreneurial fundamentals, it’s also important to monitor the latest developments and news shaping South Africa’s business landscape. 

Looking for more? Both Heavy Chef and Insaka offer plenty of materials designed specifically to empower South Africa’s growing community of entrepreneurs and help you achieve your goals. 

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