Debit order FAQ

Some frequently asked questions about xneelo’s debit order process:

Can you re-debit my invoice?

No; when a debit order is returned, your invoice updates to a cash invoice which will require a manual payment within seven days of the debit order rejection being received by xneelo. 

If I have multiple xneelo accounts/invoices will I be debited multiple times or once?

Xneelo would have only issued one amount to be debited from your bank account on the first working day of the month regardless of the number of invoices that were generated.

All invoices generated within the month will be added together to create a total amount that would be debited once. If you have two separate xneelo accounts listing the same banking details, only one amount will be debited from your bank account. 

I have two MultiD references, one for ‘xnee’ one for ‘xyz’ are they both for xneelo?

Multidata is a subsidiary of Sanlam and xneelo is one of many companies that use their administrative & technical infrastructure to process our debit orders. If your debit order has a reference other than ‘MultiD for xnee’ or ‘MultiD for xneelo’, Multidata may have processed a debit order for an alternative company not affiliated with xneelo.

To contact Sanlam Multidata regarding debit order references not affiliated with xneelo, please contact their call centre on 021 916-5632. Sanlam MultiData’s office hours are Mondays to Fridays (excluding public holidays) from 08:30 to 16:30.

My debit order reflects as paid in the control panel but I have received a debit order rejection from my bank.

Debit order invoices are listed as paid by default in the control panel. If a debit order fails, it may take a while for this to reflect in the control panel. You will, therefore, receive a notification of the failed debit order from your bank before this is reflected in the control panel.

How can I find out more about my debit order rejection?

Debit order rejection notifications/reasons are sent directly from your banking institute. 

To investigate these notifications further, you will need to raise your queries with your banking institute directly. 

Can I list more than one bank account for my xneelo account?

Xneelo currently only accommodates one set of banking details per account. 

What if I made a manual payment before my debit order rejected?

If payment is made before we are informed by MultiData that the debit order was unsuccessful, our system automatically allocates the payment to your account as an overpayment as the invoice does not reflect as outstanding.

Please refrain from making manual payment before we communicate the failed debit order. You can rest assured that we will let you know as soon as we receive confirmation that your debit order was unsuccessful.

Can I change my debit order date? 

No. All debit orders are collected on the first working day of each month and we don’t facilitate variable debit order dates.

Xneelo has outsourced our debit order collections to a company called MultiData (a subsidiary of Sanlam).

Why was I charged a debit order rejection fee? 

Failed debit orders incur an administration fee and you will be invoiced the amount of R 50.00 during the billing cycle following the rejection.

How can I change my payment method?

Your payment method and payment interval can be updated via your control panel.