How to extend a Cloud volume

Note: This article relates to a product currently in beta testing.

A volume is a detachable block storage device that can be attached to an instance to provide extra storage space, much like connecting a USB drive. You can detach a volume from one instance and reattach it to another instance, without losing the data stored on the volume.

Extending a volume increases the size of the volume to accommodate additional storage needs without having to create a new larger volume and migrate the data.


  • 1
    Log in to your xneelo Cloud dashboard.
    1. 2
      Using the menu on the left, navigate to Storage > Volumes.
      1. 3
        On the right-hand side of the list of volumes click on the dropdown button in the Actions column.
        1. 4
          Select Extend Volume.
          1. 5
            In the pop-up window, enter the new volume size in the New Size (GiB) field.
            1. 6
              Please note that the new value for volume size must be larger than the current size (Current Size), as volumes cannot be decreased in size.
            2. 7
              Click on Extend Volume to resize the selected volume.

            What happens next

             Ensure that the operating system is able to detect and use the additional storage space by resizing a volume partition.

            Assist Note

            After extending a volume, you will need to resize the file system within the volume to take advantage of the increased storage space. This process depends on the filesystem type and operating system being used.