How to view your xneelo Cloud instance status

Note: This article relates to a product currently in beta testing.

These status values provide insight into the state of an instance and can help administrators and users understand whether an instance is operational, encountering issues, or undergoing specific actions like resizing or rebooting. 


What happens next

You’ll have visibility into the instance’s status.

Here are some common instance status values and their meanings:

Status Description 
Active The instance is up and running, and it’s accessible for use.
Shutoff The instance has been intentionally powered off or shut down by the user.
Error The instance is in an error state. This could be due to a variety of issues, such as configuration problems, resource constraints, or failures during launch.
Paused The instance’s execution has been temporarily paused, and its state is saved. It can be unpaused and resumed later.
Migrating The instance is being migrated from one physical host to another, usually for load balancing or maintenance purposes.
Confirm The instance is awaiting action to be taken, eg. resizing and migration. You can continue by using the dropdown menu to the right in order to Confirm or Revert the action. 

Contact xneelo support for any other status you may see.

Assist Note

You will still be charged for a paused instance. To avoid any charges, you should delete instances that are no longer needed.