xneelo Cloud beta programme

Beta information updated on 18 July 2024.

This beta programme is currently available to existing South African customers only, with at least one paid invoice.

This article will explain how the beta programme works, what you can expect from the product, and the specific terms that apply.

What is xneelo Cloud?

Xneelo Cloud is a brand-new self-managed Cloud product that we are building. It provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service with various compute, network, and storage offerings. You can create resources on demand and only pay for what you use. 

What is the beta programme?

We’ve launched a beta programme for you to try out the xneelo Cloud product and the new order, payment and billing experiences. You’ll have full access to the product at a significantly discounted price.

Xneelo Cloud and the new order, payment and billing experiences are in continuous development. During the beta, you can expect some changes in the user experience as we receive feedback and make improvements.

As a beta participant, you’ll be a key part of our development process. If you spot any issues, have feature requests or suggestions for improvement, please send us your feedback.

Start using xneelo Cloud

As this is a beta programme, only existing South African customers are eligible to participate. Customers must be an account owner, with a valid customer number and at least one paid invoice.

If you are eligible, you will see a Try xneelo Cloud button in the xneelo Control Panel. This will allow you to sign up for xneelo Cloud and create your first cloud project.

Once you have created your first project, you can use the cloud dashboard to create and manage your cloud resources.

We’ve provided step-by-step guides in the xneelo Cloud Help Centre and the new billing experience Help Centre. If you need additional assistance, please contact us.

Transition to paid

Xneelo Cloud will transition to a paid service from 1 July 2024. All cloud usage from this date will be billed to your new x-Account. 

Cloud pricing will be set at a significant discount until the full release of the product. You can find out more details on the pricing in xneelo Cloud.

Existing beta participants will be notified in advance of the transition to paid and can either continue with the paid service or opt-out. Any resource usage before 1 July will not be charged. 

Continuing with the paid beta:

  • To continue with the paid beta you will need to add your payment details in the x-Account before 24 June. 
  • Your first payment will be due on 1 August for your Cloud usage for the month of July. 

Opting out of the paid beta:

  • To opt out of the beta you will need to delete your cloud project. 
  • If you don’t add your payment details by 24 June 2024 you will automatically be opted out.
  • Your cloud project and all resources in your project will then be deleted after this date.

New account and billing system

Xneelo Cloud is the first product being launched into the new and improved xneelo customer account – the ‘x-Account’

As an xneelo Cloud beta participant, you will also be testing the new order, payment and billing experiences in the x-Account. 

You will need to add your payment details in the x-Account in order to access the xneelo Cloud product and receive invoices for your cloud usage. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your invoices or cloud usage charges, you can request support via live chat or our contact us page.

You can read more information on the two different customer accounts and the new billing cycle process. For more information about the new order, payment and billing experience, visit our Help Centre.

    Terms of Service

    As this is a beta product, the specific terms and conditions of xneelo’s Beta Services will apply. Any system issues will be resolved as quickly as possible within business hours. 

    Customers are expected to comply with xneelo’s Acceptable Use Policy. Any misconduct or abuse of the cloud platform will be addressed as per our policy procedures.

    To regulate the usage of our platform we have assigned resource limits (quotas) to your cloud project. These are fixed and cannot be increased during beta.

    Feedback and communications

    By joining the xneelo Cloud beta programme, you will receive both operational and transactional communications.

    As per our Privacy Policy, any information you capture or feedback you provide is private and will not be used for any purposes outside of product development and improvement.

    Duration of the beta

    Xneelo’s brand promise is ‘trusted in hosting’, and we are committed to building an excellent and reliable product. As such, the xneelo Cloud beta programme does not have a set duration. The product will be fully released to the public in the near future. 

    There may be changes or new developments on the xneelo Cloud beta programme during this period which will be communicated to all active participants.

    Frequently asked questions

    Assist Note

    Read about pricing for xneelo Cloud. We’ve designed a costing model with both simplicity and price in mind.