Adding Parked domains

The information in this article is related to konsoleH.
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Parked domains are domain names that point to the same website content as the domain on which it is ‘parked’.  They also include one mailbox. No hosting fees apply.

  • For example, you can park on When browsing to, the website will be displayed, but the URL will remain
  • A Parked domain has the same IP address as the domain name on which it is parked.
  • Although Parked domains do not have their own web content, they do include one mailbox. Additional mailboxes can be added at a fee of R9 per month each.
  • Note the difference between Parked Domains and a  Redirect: When browsing to a parked domain, the URL remains unchanged whereas in the case of a redirect the URL changes to that of the redirected webpage.

Adding a Parked domain to your Account:

  1. Browse to konsoleH and log in at Admin level
  2. Select or search for the domain to which the parked domain should point i.e. the primary domain
  3. Select Manage Services
  4. Select Add Parked Domain > Next
  5. Follow the online ordering process to order or transfer your parked domain

Can I setup a domain already registered or hosted with you to point to one of my existing websites?

Yes. To change your existing hosting package to a Parked domain:

  1. Please send your request to from the authorised email address.
  2. The text should include the following: “Please set-up [domain to be Parked] as a Parked domain on [primary domain name].”

NoteUpgrading a Registration Only domain to a Parked domain can be done via konsoleH.

Parked domains can only point to other domains on your account with xneelo i.e. points directly to They don’t redirect to a subsection within the primary domain. Multiple domains are better suited to these requirements.

Parked domains have no hosting account of their own, but do include one mailbox. Additional mailboxes can be ordered at R9 each per month.

Parked domains can be cancelled via konsoleH.