How to manage a domain’s DNS records

The information in this article is related to konsoleH.
If you are using our new Control Panel, refer to this article.

The Manage DNS tool in konsoleH allows you to update your domain’s DNS records when logged into konsoleH with Admin level access.

Access the Manage DNS tool

  1. Browse to konsoleH and log in at Admin level kh-login-wide
  2. Select or search for a domain name in the Hosting Services tab
  3. Select Manage Services from the left-hand menu, then Domains > Manage DNS

  4. To try out the new Manage DNS tool, select konsoleH Beta
  5. The DNS tool will open, displaying all the current DNS records for the domain
  6. A variety of tasks can be completed within the Manage DNS tool
    • Edit an existing record
    • Add a new record
    • Delete a record
    • Use a template to easily update your mail records for use with Outlook for Office 365 or Google Mail, as well as templates to revert back to our default settings
    • Import (upload) a file containing multiple zone records or export (download) a copy of the zone records allows for easy DNS backup

How to edit a record

  1. Search for the relevant record by scrolling through the various records (narrow your choice by selecting the record type)
  2. Click inside any field to edit
  3. Make the relevant changes e.g. replace Value
  4. Click Save

How to add a record

  1. Click Add new record at the top of the page
  2. Select the record type that you would like to add from the Type dropdown list
  3. Insert the relevant fields
  4. If multiple records are to be added, use the + button
  5. Click Add when your are finished – the Add button will become available when the fields are filled

How to delete a record

  1. Search for the relevant record by scrolling through the various records (narrow your choice by selecting the record type)
  2. Delete a record by clicking the trash can at the right of the record
  3. Confirm your choice to delete

How to use a zone template

  1. Click Apply templates
  2. Click the relevant template e.g. Office 365
  3. The full DNS zone record that will be implemented can now be viewed, showing records that will be deleted in red and records added in green
  4. To proceed, click the Apply this template button

Note: This step is not irreversible; to change back to using xneelo for mail, simply return to this page and choose the xneelo Mail template

How to import or export zone records

  1. Find the Zone options at the top right
  2. To Export a file containing all your DNS details, click Export zone. A .txt file will be downloaded to your computer.
  3. To Import zone records, click Import zone and then select the relevant file that you want to import.


  • Once you have added or changed the required DNS records, allow 2 to 24 hours for DNS propagation to complete
  • Incorrect DNS changes can interfere with the operation of your website and/or email, so make changes with care.
  • You need to log in at Admin level i.e.with your Customer number and Management password. When logged in on ‘Domain level’, i.e. with your domain name and FTP password, the tool will not be visible because this level of administration is only provided to authoritative contacts.
  • Self-Managed customers who wish to add reverse (PTR) DNS records for their allocated IP addresses are not able to do so via the Manage DNS tool and will need to send these requests to our Support team from their authorised email address.

For more information about DNS, please see the following useful resources:

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