How to register a domain

The information in this article is related to konsoleH.
If you are using our new Control Panel, refer to this article.

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Registering your domain is easy with our online ordering process. You can register a domain name at any time, even before you have an existing website. When placing your first order with us, you will first need to create an account.

Once the signup process is complete you will receive access details via email which will give you access to our konsoleH control panel, where you will be able to complete your first order.

Register a domain via konsoleH:

  1. Browse to konsoleH and log in at Admin level 
  2. Select New Order (top right)
  3. Choose a service:
    1. Domain Names (if you want to reserve a domain name only), or
    2. Web Hosting with your choice of hosting package your preferred hosting location (for a full hosting account)
  4. Click Next
  5. Select Register a new domain name and enter the name i.e. example, without the preceding www and then select the domain extension from the drop down list 
  6. Click Next
  7. Provide the Domain Ownership details, then click Next (note: the Domain Owner or Registrant should be the end-user of the domain; this is not necessarily the person responsible for the account)
  8. Confirm Payment details.

Registering domains is an associated, additional service offered by us. We are not the registrar and, as such, we do not offer domain waiting services and quick registration.

We register your domain name as a service and customers are liable for the associated registration fee. We will bill you for this fee and subsequently pay the registrar on your behalf. Please visit our product pages for information regarding domain registration fees.

If you would like to associate your Domain Registration with a hosting package, it can be upgraded to a hosting package on request.