How to create your first blog post using Managed WordPress

Before publishing your first blog post, you may want to customise your single blog post page.

How to customise the look and feel of your blog post

  1. Log in to the xneelo Control Panel.
  2. Under Products in the side menu, select Managed WordPress.
  3. Click on your website.
  4. On the Managed WordPress overview page, click Edit in WordPress.
  5. To log in to WordPress, enter your WordPress admin username or email address and password. Click Log In to continue.
  6. On the xneelo dashboard, view the Get started tab and select Start now under Customize your website.
  7. Select Single blog posts under Post and Page Settings.
  8. Customise your single post page and preview the changes.
  9. Click Publish to save and publish your changes to your live website.

How to create your first blog post

  1. On the WordPress dashboard, select Add new under Posts.
  2. A new blog post will be created.
  3. Add a title and content to your post.
  4. When you add a new post or page, the block editor opens by default in fullscreen mode. On the settings sidebar, click the Post tab to edit the post page settings. Click the Block tab to edit individual block settings. Learn more about WordPress Editor.
  5. Use the plus icon to select a new block and add to your past. Learn more about adding new blocks.
  6. Use the Preview button to preview your post. When you are done, use the Publish button to save the post and publish it to your website.

What happens next

Congratulations, you have successfully published your first blog post!

Assist Note

If you require access to or would like to manage your WordPress database, you can do so via the phpMyAdmin plugin.