How to update WordPress for your Managed WordPress website

WordPress is constantly improving with new features and security patches. It is vital for your website’s security that you always update WordPress to the latest version.

By default, xneelo sets your WordPress account to automatically update 14 days after a WordPress update is released. You also have the choice to immediately update WordPress yourself when a new release is available. If you are concerned about how these updates could affect your website’s functionality, you can disable auto updates.

  1. Log in to the xneelo Control Panel
  2. On the Product Listing page, click View to load the Managed WordPress overview page.

  3. On the Overview page you will see the currently installed version of WordPress. If the version number is green then the latest version is installed. If it is red, select Upgrade to install the latest version.

  4. You will be asked to confirm the upgrade. The first checkbox is optional. Select the second checkbox to activate the Upgrade button.
    Note: the upgrade should only take a few minutes.

  5. Once complete, the following confirmation message will appear:
    Click Continue.

  6. You will now see that the Overview page reflects the latest version in green.
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