Disk Usage Notifications on Managed Servers

Why am I receiving these notifications?

Notifications about any disk-space over-usage for domains on your Managed Server are sent as a courtesy to assist you in managing the individual hosting packages on your server.

This functionality is useful for customers who resell services and monitor their client’s disk-space on a domain level.

How can I adjust the quotas per domain?

The disk over-usage is generated per domain that you have hosted on your Managed Server. The hosting packages that you have selected for each of your domains have a set quota. Once the disk-space quota for that domain is reached, you are notified by means of the monthly disk over-usage report.

You can create or edit hosting packages on your Managed server via konsoleH.

If you don’t need to monitor the disk space on a domain level, you can adjust your hosting package quotas to prevent the disk space notifications from being sent to you.

What about my server disk-space?

Our System Administrators monitor the entire server’s actual disk space. Only once you start reaching your full disk’s capacity will we notify you, however, you won’t get charged for overusing disk-space on your Managed server, as it is not possible to use more than what the server has been provisioned with.