What is Managed Server hosting?

A Managed Server provides you with an entire web server specifically dedicated to your needs, yet fully administered by our experienced team. For sites requiring more resources than shared Web Hosting can provide, a Managed server is an ideal option.

Recommended for:

  • This solution is ideal as a high-end web server, for email and collaboration, to host a web development project or for any task where a server’s full resources are needed.
  • We recommend it for customers who would like to leave all their server worries in the hands of our reliable and competent engineers.
  • We will handle all monitoring, management, and maintenance for you, therefore no root access is provided.


  • Our Managed servers are built to specifications similar to those employed for our Shared Web hosting accounts and their build is standard (we will not deviate from our standard hardware and software setup).
  • See our list of standard software
  • The Operating System is Debian – should you require different hardware or software configurations, please consider our Self-Managed server options.
  • With this solution, you are provided with a web-based administration system for the creation and configuration of your own customised hosting accounts on the server. We are responsible for the hardware, software and security maintenance of your server and therefore root access is not available on this hosting plan. You can put all your websites on this one server without having to pay hosting fees for each site added.
  • We make a server available to you for your own exclusive use, however, the server remains our property.

For more information on our Managed hosting package, and to order, please visit our product pages.

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