Reseller options: Volume Plan vs Managed Server

Volume Plans and Managed Servers are both ideal packages if you are an xneelo reseller or administer a number of websites. They allow you to host as many websites as you require for a fixed monthly hosting cost (excluding annual domain registration and renewal fees).

  • If you are a web designer, developer or xneelo reseller with a number of websites, then the Volume Plan is probably for you.
  • If your websites include high traffic, e-commerce or online applications, then one of the 4 types of Managed Servers may be more suitable for your use.

Learn more about our Volume Plan and Managed Servers

Note: While it is certainly possible to upgrade from a Volume Plan to a Managed Server at a later stage, this restructuring is best avoided – so if you expect rapid growth in the future, then choose a Managed Server now.

Compare your requirements with the traffic and disk allowances in the table below to help you decide on the appropriate package for your business:

Volume Plan

Managed Server

 R595 pm  from R1490
 Setup fee
 n/a  from R685
 Number of websites
 unlimited  unlimited
 Traffic: SA hosting
120 GB from 500 GB
 Traffic Over-usage
R3.50 per GB 20c per GB
 Traffic: German hosting
1400 GB n/a
 Traffic Over-usage
R 1.50 per GB n/a
 Disk space
50 GB from 500 GB (Read more about the available disk space here)
 Over-usage SA & DE
R200 per 50GB n/a
 WordPress AppInstaller
 SiteBuilder (additional cost)
 Set up Custom packages
 Custom configs
No Possible
  24/7 Technical Support
 Monthly contract
Assist Note

Your Managed Server has an allocated amount of disk space that ensures maximum uptime. View a table that explains the usable disk space limits per server.