What is a Volume Plan?

The Volume Plan is ideal for resellers, web designers and developers who host a number of websites.

This plan allows you to structure your hosting according to your needs. It boasts generous traffic and disk quotas, enabling you to host as many websites as you require, all within the same plan, for a fixed monthly hosting cost (excl annual domain registration and renewal fees).

You are able to add any number and type of hosting packages (Basic, Standard, Advanced or Master) to your Volume Plan, provided that they are all hosted in the same country, on our managed hosting platform i.e. South Africa or Germany.

Once your Volume Plan is ordered, you don’t pay a separate fee for each package hosted, and all existing packages will automatically be included.

Note that the Volume Plan is a billing plan – any domains already with us stay on their current servers and web content and email aren’t affected.

Should you wish to exclude a Web Hosting package from the Volume Plan. you can do so by using the Exclude/Include List in konsoleH.

If the disk and traffic quotas aren’t sufficient for your needs, then consider a Managed server.

Note: Domain name registration and annual renewal fees are not included in the Volume Plan fee.
See Domains for a breakdown of the fees applicable for each extension administered by xneelo.