International Payment

International Payment options

Payment from customers outside of South Africa (i.e. non-South African bank accounts) are offered on an annual basis, using either:

  • VCS card payment (debit, credit or cheque)
  • bank transfer

We recommend that you make use of the option to Pay by card via the green Pay Now link that can be found in konsoleH. These payments reflect immediately and there are no bank transfer costs involved.

Due to exchange control limitations placed on banks in South Africa, international credit card payments can, unfortunately, not be processed via our debit order procedure.

Proof of Payment

No proof of payment is required for card payment.

Proof of payment for all international transfers should be forwarded to as these payments take longer to reflect on our bank statement and the reference on the bank statement is not always clear. Additionally, tick Payment Made within konsoleH.

International Bank Transfer information

xneelo swift: ABSAZAJJ

Account name: xneelo Pty Ltd

Account number: 916 685 6924

Account type: Savings

Bank: ABSA

Branch: Tyger Valley

Branch code: 632005

Address: ABSA Tyger Valley, San Tyger Building, Corner of Willie van Schoor + Old Oak Road, Bellville, 7530

IBAN: As South Africa is a non-IBAN country, this code is not applicable.

It is important to note that xneelo requires the South African Rand amount reflected on invoices to be deposited in our bank account.

Note: Any payment made to ‘Hetzner Pty Ltd’ will result in a failed transaction. If this transaction is not corrected and retried, it will result in the disruption of your services.  Our bank account name change follows our company name change on 22 July 2019.  

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