Features available in xneelo Cloud

Want to know more about what xneelo Cloud has to offer? Take a look at the latest, current and upcoming list of features in xneelo Cloud.

To learn more about how our pricing works, see the Pricing in xneelo Cloud help article.

  • General features

    Feature Description
    Cloud project
    • Create one project as a container for your resources
    • Projects are subject to resource limits
    Cloud dashboard
    • A simple web interface to create, manage and delete your cloud resources
    • Single sign-on, using your xCP profile

  • Compute features

    Feature Description
    Shared flavors
    • A selection of flavors offering shared compute resources
    • Decoupled storage allows you to scale your instance boot volume size without having to scale your flavor
    • Upgrade or downgrade your flavor
    • Create and configure an instance from an image, snapshot or volume
    • NVMe-based storage for instance boot volumes
    • Remote console to access the instance
    • Essential tools and logging to manage your instance
    Key pairs
    • Create SSH keys
    • Import external public keys
    Instance snapshots
    • Create a point-in-time snapshot of an instance
    Public images
    • Provision an instance from a selection of commonly used Linux-based operating systems

  • Storage features

    Feature Description
    Volume types
    • Premium volume types (NVMe SSD) for bootable volumes
    • Standard volume types (HDD) for non-bootable volumes, volume snapshots and images
    • Create non-bootable volumes (10GB minimum, 1000GB maximum)
    • Extend a volume to increase the allocated size 
    • Attach multiple volumes to an instance
    Volume snapshots
    • Create a point-in-time snapshot of a volume
    Private images
    • Create your own private images from an instance or a volume

  • Network features

    Feature Description
    Network traffic
    • No charge for data transfer in or out of xneelo Cloud
    • Unlimited traffic (subject to our Acceptable Use Policy)
    Network protection
    Public network
    • Instances provisioned to a public network with IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses
    Security groups
    • Create custom security groups with custom ingress and egress rules.
    • Default security group with a pre-configured set of commonly used ingress and egress rules

  • Support features

    Feature Description
    Cloud support
    • Get assistance from xneelo’s award-winning support consultants
    • Dedicated Trust & Safety team to assist with abuse or security issues in your cloud
    Help articles
    • Comprehensive set of articles and guides on how to get started and use cloud features

  • Upcoming features

    We are committed to continuously improving xneelo Cloud. Here’s a sneak peek of the features we have planned for release.

    Private networking

    Private networking allows you to create your own private virtual networks, including:

    • Create your own virtual networks and routers
    • Assign a public floating IP to an instance 
    • View and manage your network topology
    Upload custom private images

    Currently you can create your own custom private images by uploading a volume to an image in the cloud dashboard. 

    We will be adding additional functionality to allow you to upload images directly to create custom private images.


    We currently provide the xneelo Cloud dashboard: a user-friendly web interface that provides you with the tools to manage your cloud.

    We will also be providing direct API access to xneelo Cloud. This will allow you to provision and manage your cloud resources with compatible command-line tools and programming libraries.

Assist Note

Ready to start using xneelo Cloud? Our help guides will help you get started, and provide the steps on how to sign up.

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