How to reboot a Cloud instance

Note: This article relates to a product currently in beta testing.

You can soft or hard reboot a running instance. A soft reboot attempts a graceful shutdown and restart of the instance. A hard reboot power cycles the instance. This article contains the steps on how to soft reboot or hard reboot an instance.


  • 1
    Log in to your xneelo Cloud dashboard. 
  • 3
    Using the menu on the left, navigate to Compute > Instances.
  • 4
    On the right-hand side of the list of instances click on the dropdown button in the Actions column.
  • 5
    Select Soft Reboot Instance OR Hard Reboot Instance.
  • 6
    Confirm the selected action by clicking on the red confirmation button at the bottom right corner of the pop-up. Otherwise, click Cancel to cancel the action.
Assist Note

In a soft reboot the operating system signals all processes to shut down so they can finish up and preserve any unsaved data.

A hard reboot is a brute-force method for restarting an instance that causes the operating system and all running processes to abruptly terminate.