How to resize a Cloud instance

Note: This article relates to a product currently in beta testing.

Resizing an instance involves adjusting its allocated resources like CPU and memory to meet changing needs or workload demands. This allows users to scale virtual resources up or down, optimising performance, cost, or growth.

This is achieved by selecting a new flavor, which represents a different set of virtual hardware configurations. The following steps outline how to resize your instance.


  • 1
    Log in to your xneelo Cloud dashboard.
  • 2
    Using the menu on the left, navigate to Compute > Instances.
  • 3
    On the right-hand side of the list of instances click on the dropdown button in the Actions column.
  • 4
    Select Resize Instance.
  • 5
    In the Resize Instance dialog, you will see a New Flavor dropdown list containing available flavors. Choose the desired flavor that represents the new configuration of resources you want to allocate to the instance.
  • 6
    Click Resize to initiate the resizing process.
  • 7
    After a short period, the Status of the instance will change to Confirm or Revert Resize/Migrate. To confirm the resize, click on the Confirm Resize/Migrate button to the right of the instance.
Assist Note

During the resizing process, the instance may be temporarily unavailable.

Assist Tip

If an instance resize is not confirmed, an auto-confirmation of resize will take place after several hours.