How to report spam mail or false positives

Our spam filtering system is continuously updated with new data to recognise and block unwanted spam email from being delivered to mailboxes on our servers.

You can assist us by reporting both true and false spam incidents to us. Here’s how:

Send us your spam or false positives

The relevant email needs to be sent to us as an attachment, not simply forwarded to us. Here’s how:

  • Select the relevant email in your mail programme,
  • From the top menu, select Message > Forward as attachment
    • Mail that was received in your Inbox and not recognised by our spam filter as spam should be forwarded as an attachment to
    • Mail that is received in your Spambucket as it was incorrectly considered spam (aka a false positive) should be forwarded as an attachment to

Note that these mailboxes are not checked by consultants but are used directly for spam processing. Contact us with any queries you may have.