User Name :
Your user name is your full email address
Incoming Server : mail.
Ports : IMAP 143 / POP 110
Outgoing Server : smtp.
Port : SMTP 587



♦ Is this the first time you’re setting up this email account? Then use our new email setup guide, rather than this troubleshooting guide.


1. Search for Mail and launch the Mail app

2. Select Settings from the charm bar on the right hand side

3. Select Accounts from the menu on the right hand side

4. Select your email account from the list of email accounts

5. Check the settings:

  • Email address & Password are correct (forgotten passwords can be reset in konsoleH)
  • Email Username is the full email address
  • Incoming email server starts with mail. and your domain name
    • Port is 143 for IMAP (or 110 for POP)
    • Server requires SSL is not ticked
  • Outgoing (SMTP) mail server starts with smtp. and your domain name
    • Port is 587
    • Server requires SSL is not ticked
    • Tick Outgoing server requires authentication
    • Tick Use the same username and password to send and receive email

6. Your email account should now be configured successfully. Still struggling? Contact

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