How to detach a domain from your Managed WordPress Hosting

You are able to detach your domain name from your Managed WordPress Hosting at any time. Follow the steps below to detach your domain name via the xneelo Control Panel.

Note: If Mail hosting has been activated, detaching your domain will result in your email account/s and all email content being permanently deleted. We recommend that you back up your mail to prevent loss of data.


  • 1
    Log in to the xneelo Control Panel.
  • 2
    Under Products in the side menu, select Managed WordPress.
  • 3
    Click on your website name.
  • 4
    Under Domains, select the 3 dots menu to the right of your domain name.
  • 5
    Select Detach domain.
  • 6
    A notice will appear. Read the notice and select the Detach domain checkbox. Then select Remove my domain.

What happens next

By detaching the domain name, your website URL will be replaced with a placeholder domain which will be visible on the Managed WordPress overview page.

Assist Note

Once your domain is detached from the Managed WordPress hosting, the domain name will remain active. If you’d like to cancel your domain name, you may do so via the control panel.

Assist Tip

You are able to attach a domain again at any time.