Important Files and Folders

The folders and files in your hosting package can be accessed via the File Manager in konsoleH or using FTP

The following files and folders should never be deleted from your hosting account as they perform important functions:

Important files in the Home folder

Various files, such as zipped files or backup files, can safely be deleted from your Home directory, but the following files should never be deleted:


What looks like a folder is actually a “shortcut” or symbolic link to a different location on the server where your web content is stored. If this folder is inadvertently deleted, it cannot simply be recreated – you will need to contact our Support team for assistance.


This is the folder where all your mailboxes and mail is stored. It is often the source of disk over-usage if mailboxes are left unchecked.

The folders under users are the names of the mailboxes e.g. Below that are the names of specific subfolders saved within that mailbox, recognized by a fullstop (.) before the folder name. Within each of these subfolders are further subfolders such as cur (current mail which has already been viewed) and new (unread mail).

While the contents of these files (i.e. emails) can be deleted, the users directory itself should not be deleted.


This file contains all your mailbox passwords in an encrypted format.

Important Mail files

These Mail Transport Agent (MTA) files should not be deleted.

  • .qmail
  • .qmail-default
  • .forward

Log files

www_logs  is the folder that stores your weblogs.
This folder and all its contents are needed for the AWStats tool in konsoleH to work, providing you with website statistics.