When should I enable automatic WordPress core updates?

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WordPress frequently releases updates to enhance security, improve performance and introduce new features. 

Managed WordPress allows you to take advantage of this with the Automatic Updates feature. It is, however, important to note that enabling automatic updates could potentially have undesired effects on your website’s functionality.


When should I enable Automatic Updates?

  • When security is a top priority

    If your website deals with sensitive data or you prioritise security, enabling automatic updates is advisable. It ensures that your site promptly receives the latest security patches and reduces the risk of potential vulnerabilities being exploited.

  • When you have limited time for manual updates

    If you manage multiple websites or you have limited time available for manual updates, enabling automatic updates can save you time and effort. Automatic updates ensure your website stays up to date without requiring regular manual intervention.

  • When you primarily use trusted plugins and themes

    If your website predominantly uses well-established and frequently updated plugins and themes from reputable developers, the chances of compatibility issues with automatic updates are relatively low. In such cases, enabling automatic updates can be a convenient option.

When should I update my WordPress core manually?

  • If you use third-party plugins or themes with limited updates

    If your website utilises plugins or themes from developers who rarely release updates or have compatibility issues with the latest WordPress versions, automatic updates may cause problems. Manually updating allows you to ensure all components are compatible before upgrading.

  • If you require control and customisation over the update process.

    If you prefer to have complete control over your website’s update process or require customisation options, manual updates are more suitable. With manual updates, you can review and test changes thoroughly, ensuring they align with your website’s specific needs and configurations.

If you have enabled automatic core updates, your website’s WordPress core will be updated automatically 14 days after the update is released by WordPress. If you would like to disable the automatic updates, you may click on the toggle switch under WordPress automatic updates and confirm the update by selecting the checkbox. Then click Disable.

Assist Note

Enabling automatic WordPress core updates offers several benefits, including enhanced security, time-saving convenience, and immediate access to new features. However, it also carries potential downsides such as compatibility issues, unexpected site behaviour, and a loss of control over updates.

Ultimately, the decision between automatic and manual updates depends on your specific needs, level of involvement, and comfort with potential risks.

Assist Tip

Failure to keep your WordPress core up to date may result in your website being negatively impacted by our annual PHP Upgrades.