Why you should keep a backup of your data off-site

We recommend that you keep a separate backup of your files and databases remotely (on your PC’s hard drive or on a portable hard drive), as backups cannot be guaranteed.

Should a particular backup fail, it is not always possible to re-run the backup within the available backup window (i.e. backups can cause performance issues on servers if run during busy periods). This can result in the backup for a particular day not being available, with the only option to use an older backup for restore purposes.

A further factor is that should a catastrophic failure occur on a backup server itself, all web/mail servers that made use of that server for backups, will not have any backups until a new full backup is run to a new backup server. Due to the volumes of data involved, this process can take up to 24 hours. It will not be possible to offer customers a backup restore before this process is complete, leaving them with the option to revert to their own backup copies. Fortunately, the likelihood of such a failure occurring is extremely small.

  • How long does xneelo keep backups?

    Backup data is kept for a maximum of two weeks before being replaced with the latest incremental version.

    Daily backups are made of the user’s home directory as well as MySQL databases. The user’s home directory will include site content, web logs and any mail that was on the server at the time that backup was completed. This means that any mail arriving after the backup had completed and downloaded before the next backup took place, will not have been included in the backup.

  • How to perform a restore of your data

    The Restore Backup tool in konsoleH and the xneelo Control Panel allows customers to restore web files and databases from the available backup revisions.

    Please note: Email and web logs cannot be restored via the Restore Backup Tool, but restores can be requested via email.

    We do offer customers a reliable and cost-effective service where we do routinely achieve an over 99% success rate on all our backups.