What is a Traffic Burst Notification?

Traffic Burst Notifications are an early warning system for Managed Server, Self-Managed Server and Colocation customers to help identify a significant spike outside of normal daily traffic usage, including its highest usage times.

Burst Notifications can be set up for Managed Servers, Self-Managed Servers and for Colocation.

This warning system is only effective once Burst Notifications have been configured according to your unique usage trends.

To understand your trends, we would recommend reviewing your konsoleH traffic reports and AWStats.

For example:

If you get a rush of visits amounting to 300MB in 1 hour at lunchtime when you publish your latest news it is recommended to increase your burst notification to above this i.e. 400 MB. If you did over 400MB in 1 hour this may be classed as abnormal and something that the Burst Notification is designed to alert you to.

For Managed Servers, Traffic Burst Notifications are configured by default to ‘200MB in 1 hour’ for the entire server. This figure is used for all Managed Servers regardless of their business model, and it may not be the correct value for your specific usage.