How to transfer the Thawte certificate associated with your domain to a new host

The following information is obtained from Thawte at the time of this posting. We recommend confirming this information directly with them.

We suggest that you revoke your current certificate and request a new certificate when you move Hosting companies, as it is a security risk to leave your private key and password at your old Hosting Company.

However, it is possible to move a certificate from one Hosting Company to another if the old company no longer exists:

  1. The certificate must be re-issued as shown in solution SO470. Guidelines on how to re-issue a certificate can be sourced at the following link:
  2. The new order must be placed in the retail channel as shown in solution SO4555. The following url is a direct link to the new retail channel provided by Thawte:
  3. Once the new certificate is issued, mail the order number and new ISP username to . The ISP representatives will then add the new certificate to the new ISP’s account.
  4. Thawte offers Free Re-issues for the lifespan of all existing certificates. This means you can reissue your current certificate at any time, should you qualify to do so, at no extra cost. The new certificate will be valid from the date of reissue until the original expiry date of your current certificate.
  5. When you renew or reissue you will need to reconfigure your thawte Trusted Site Seal. Please browse to the following link for further information:

Useful link:

To run your certificate on more than one server or to transfer a Thawte certificate away from xneelo, please contact our Support team.